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Hands up
if you are tired of ...

  • being lost in your ideas and have difficulty getting things done and delivered out into the world.
  • being so busy all the time that you lose track of where you are going.
  • working so hard but not on the things that will create the biggest impact in your business.
  • being overwhelmed by the mountain of work ahead of you, so you procrastinate on even starting.

If this sounds like you,
you're not alone

Most of us get excited about the new ideas we have about what we changes we want to implement in our lives and business and how that will create a better future for us and those we impact. We have such big dreams and enthusiasm for what we want to achieve ... and then reality sets in!

You suddenly realize the mountain of work ahead of you and you loose the motivation to continue.

Your dreams are shelved an another quarter, another year goes by without any change and you realize your dreams become vague and an unrealized memory.

I can totally relate

I’m Ute (pronounced Ootay) Lambrecht. I'm a professional project manager and for nearly 20 years I have managed multi-million dollar projects for major organizations with teams distributed over a number of cities, countries and even continents.

You'd think I would have this productivity thing nailed!

Well, I did at first when my passion for what I was doing was fueling my actions; but over time, I noticed that 'having passion' is not enough. I especially succumbed to the constant barrage of information overload on how to run my business as I was still learning whilst I was doing.

That's when I became strategic about HOW I worked.

I took a step back, whipped out my toolbox of project methodologies, designed a system based on the unique challenges that specifically focus on realizing goals and saw immediate results in how I worked and the speed at which I delivered results.

This is what following
a proven system looks like:

  • You have clarity on what actions will have the biggest impact at this time in your business and life.
  • Your ideas are transformed into actionable goals that can be delivered within the next 3 months.
  • You plan just enough to realistically know that you're able to accomplish the desired outcomes.
  • At specific intervals, you step back, reconnect with your vision and prioritize what's required next.
  • You'll become aware of your habits, make small changes and see immediate results.
  • You're able to focus on your work without ever getting lost down a rabbit's hole for months on end.
  • You consistently experience progress which fuels your drive to succeed.
  • You experience quick wins that increase your confidence levels.

You see, it never was about your ability to deliver!



Set actionable goals based on where you want to go in the next quarter.

Having clearly defined and measurable goals is one of the pre-conditions that will set you up for success!


You will be shown how to take plan and prioritize your work without going into the detail.

To make this easier on yourself, join the Plan-a-thon where we plan our next quarter together.


This is where the system kicks in when you plan your two-week sprint, prepare a story-card and use a kanban board.

You'll implement a system where you consistently experience many Success moments

Join the Plan-a-thon to plan out your goals for the next quarter!

Apply now to secure your Spot!

Major companies using this
Productivity System

What People Say ...

    Before I took the program, I had spent 4 months not achieving my goal of creating and marketing a new service. This program gave me a structure that I could put in place to achieve my goal. It also made me think about who was doing what tasks and making sure that I was not doing things that other people could be doing. After two and a half months the service is set up and ready to go and the marketing went live today. This program was simple and effective and enabled me to achieve in 2 1/2 months what I had not been able to do in the 4 months before. Knowing that Ute was always available if needed was reassuring. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a goal and wants to achieve it. I can now use this system for all my future goals.
    Coaching I'm really good at. Running a business not so. I have a history of working long, busy hours, yet never really feeling the results. This program has radically changed that. I discovered just how many of those hours added zero value to my immediate goals. I can now commence each fortnight feeling wonderful clarity and enthusiasm, knowing that in a short two weeks many of my mini-goals will have been met, bringing me ever closer to my personal definition of success. I love Ute's approach within the masterminds - insightful, encouraging and tailored to suit individual scenarios. I can highly recommend this program for entrepreneurs, most especially those who feel like running a business is becoming a real trudge.
    Before taking Ute's program, I was all over the place with what aspects of my business to work on from day to day - I was in a state of pure overwhelm! I spent a lot of time doing zero of the right things. By the end of each day I didn't have a lot to show or be proud of. Getting it all out and down on paper was just so invaluable. Once you see what needs to be done, it takes all of the anxiety and stalling away. The daily check-ins were terrific - keeping me on point. Sometimes it was hard to report that I had issues or that I didn't achieve anything for a day. But in doing so you start seeing patterns in your own behavior. And if you see patterns, you can implement workarounds. While I did reset several times during the quarter, by the end of it I had more clarity than ever, and produced my first ever eBook. I have a documented sales funnel and my business objectives and tasks are clearly known and understood. Now it's just a matter of waking up, checking my board, and getting into action - no more spinning!
    As a digital entrepreneur I’m facing several challenges as I’m moving forward to manifest my goals. One of them is to prioritize my tasks, so that I can focus on my daily activities in realizing my goals. Another one is to have a clear overview, an eagle's eye perspective of all the tasks that I’m planning to do. Ute's program has helped me to overcome these challenges - in a big way. What I learnt from this program is that simple, daily tasks could help me to regain clarity and focus. I loved to break down my goal for the 3-month period in doable, daily activities and have a clear overview of what I’m actually doing. The exercise with jotting down the tasks on post-it notes and putting them on the wall really supported me in getting things done. I cherished the moments when I could check a finished task each time. Ute Lambrecht is a dedicated, kind and wholehearted leader who is here to serve. She’s highly committed to help you reaching your goals.
    Working with Ute is always an empowering and synergistic experience. She is the perfect combination of the feminine – conscientious, aware, nurturing and harmonious – and the masculine – structured, technical, logical and focused. Ute’s professionalism and down to earth approach make her an invaluable collaborative business partner and mastermind coach. To be mentored by her, is to experience a higher form of learning that allows you to immerse in the world of new and untapped thoughts. It is an honor to work with her, learn from her, and mastermind with her.

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